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  • Gary Holt, Known as the godfather of thrash metal.

    Known as the godfather of thrash metal.

    Gary Holt joined Exodus in 1981 and played in that band's early days alongside his then-band mate Kirk Hammett. Over the subsequent 30+  years, Gary has played on every Exodus album. In 2011, his unmistakable super-aggressive playing style made him the ideal choice as the second guitarist in Slayer, and he continues to play in both bands.

  • Guitar Tuners 432 and WW2 NAZI Germany?

    Guitar Tuners 432

    Okay so who uses 432 today? We need your thoughts on the 432 vs 440

    I know we have some conspiracy theory people out there, please lets hear from you.

    We got the new GoGo Tuners Caliber Pedal. It is very accurate, in testing it is actually the most accurate pedal tuner we tested in its price range.

    The new tuning pedal has a calibration function with wide reference pitches from 430Hz to 450Hz, allowing tighter tuning accuracy. It uses chromatic tuning with +/- .5-cent accuracy and a wide detection range of A0 (27.5Hz)- C8 (4186.00Hz). The pedal is equipped with true bypass and provides daisy chain power for other pedals. The high definition big screen is easily visible in all lighting situations, making it perfect for stage, studio, and bedroom guitarists. With GoGo’s signature “green you’re in, red you’re out”, tuning becomes easy by eliminating any of the guesswork when tuning. The entire display changes green when you are in tune, and red when you are out of tune. The pedal tuner features a metal chassis for improved durability and longer lifetime performance.

  • ESP LTD M-1000 Retro Electric Guitars

    ESP LTD M-1000 Retro Electric Guitars ESP LTD M-1000 Retro Electric Guitars

    ESP LTD M-1000 Retro Electric Guitars

    We have been working on some M-1000 Electric Guitars with ESP. We have finalized the project with these 3 flashy looking LTD M-1000 Guitars. They are due to arrive from Korea this summer in limited quantity's. We have already received our samples and are very excited to be able to offer them exclusively to our customers.

    The three M-1000 models feature:

    • Set-Thru Construction
    • 25.5" Scale
    • Alder Body
    • Maple Neck
    • Ebony Fingerboard
    • Extra Thin U Neck Contour
    • Black Hardware
    • 24 XJ Frets
    • EMG 81/81 Pickups
    • Floyd Rose Bridge

    Available in GoGo Orange, Neon Green and Yellow.

    They differ from the regular M-1000's a bit other than color we changed the the inlays to dots, same as the ESP M-II and black binding on the neck and headstock. Made in the same Korean factory you have grown to know and love the quality of these will be excellent.

    Click here for more information or to order.

  • Ibanez JS2410 Joe Satriani Muscle Car Orange (MCO)


    Ibanez JS2410 Joe Satriani Muscle Car Orange (MCO) Solid Body Electric Guitar Ibanez JS2410 Joe Satriani Muscle Car Orange (MCO) Solid Body Electric Guitar

    Ibanez JS2410 Joe Satriani Muscle Car Orange (MCO)

    With the new Ibanez JS2410 Joe Satriani solid body electric guitar you get a lot of bang for the buck, Priced at $2499.99. It is made in Japan, with the high quality and attention to detail you have grown to know and expect from Ibanez. The Solid Alder body electric guitar includes a case and the new Ultralite Tremolo Arm for use with the Edge bridge, it also includes the standard Tremolo Arm. This is Joe's first 24 Fret JS Signature Model and the neck is a 3 piece maple and bubinga for extra long sustain and stability. I love the way the strip of bubinga looks on the back of the neck. The new pickup combination sounds great too! Everything is just amazing on this guitar from the color to the finish and the playability is top notch.

    JS 3pc Maple/Bubinga neck
    Alder body
    Rosewood fretboard w/Abalone dot inlay
    24 W/6105 frets w/Prestige fret edge treatment
    Edge bridge
    DiMarzio® Satch Track™ (H) neck pu (Passive/Ceramic)
    DiMarzio® Mo' Joe™ (H) bridge pu (Passive/Alnico)
    Chrome Hardware

    3 Piece maple and bubinga neck. 3 Piece maple and bubinga neck.
    Scale 648mm/25.5" a : Width at Nut 42mm b : Width at Last Fret 57mm c : Thickness at 1st 20mm d : Thickness at 12th 22.3mm Radius 250mmR Ibanez JS2410 Neck specs
    • Scale 648mm/25.5"
    • a : Width at Nut 42mm
    • b : Width at Last Fret 57mm
    • c : Thickness at 1st 20mm
    • d : Thickness at 12th 22.3mm Radius 250mmR


    Hi-pass filter on volume control (push/pull)
    Coil-tap switch on tone control (push/pull)
    Ultralite Tremolo Arm™ included

    Click here for more information or to order.

    Check out the video below which goes into more detail about the guitar and his inspiration for the color.

  • ESP Original Series Guitars and Basses

    ESP Original Series Guitars and Basses ESP Original Series Guitars and Basses

    ESP Original Series Guitars and Basses

    Up till now the ESP Original Series Guitars and Basses have only been available in Japan. They are hand crafted in the ESP Japan Custom Shops but are still production models. The ESP Original Series is the highest level of quality ESP has to offer as a production model. They are incredibly high quality built guitars with the best choice of tone woods and thick Quilted and Flamed Maple caps, they are not thin veneers. These are all beautiful AAAAA tops.

    The models available now are the Eclipse, FRX, Horizon, Mystique and Stream Bass. They represent the best ESP has to offer other than custom one off built guitars.

    Other ESP Original Series electric guitar models that are still reserved for Japan are the Antelope, Forest, Snapper, Throbber, Aero, Aero, Potbelly, M-II, MV, M-Seven, VP and Ultratone. The ESP Original Series Bass guitars that have not yet made their way to the USA are the Amaze, AP, Forest, VP, Bottom Line, Halibut and the Bottom Bump although the Bottom Bump is now available in a LTD Version. Although they are not approved for the American Market we have been able to bring in some of these models like the M-Seven. I am curious if we will be seeing more of these models arriving in the US next year.

    When ESP announced the ESP Original Series at Winter NAMM 2014 in Anaheim CA they had a number of the models built as one off custom shop versions to display. We were ale to bring in a few of them including a 5-String Stream Bass built with the most beautiful birds eye maple and other exotic woods, a Koa Top Mystique, a See Thru Green Mystique and a See Thru Green Horizon. These one off NAMM guitars are also referred to Exhibition Models and have a special Gold Stamp on the back and include a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) While the ESP Original Series has the new Gold ESP Original Series on the back of the headstock the older models that were not built with the intention of shipping them to the US do not.

    Although not cheap, the non Exhibition Original Series are priced between $3699 and $4999, they are designed for the serious player who will accept no compromise from the quality, tone woods, parts, and looks.

    Click here For more information on the ESP Original Series.

    Video Demo by Prashant Aswani

  • ESP Iron Cross SW Electric Guitar

    ESP Iron Cross SW Snow White Solid Body James Hetfield Guitar ESP Iron Cross SW Snow White Solid Body James Hetfield Guitar

    ESP Iron Cross SW

    The 2014 James Hetfield ESP Iron Cross SW priced at $4,899 is one of the most sought after ESP Guitars right now. It is a one year only Japan Custom Shop Built metal machine. Although it is not limited in terms of the number being built it will only be available for purchase by ESP Dealers and made by ESP for the one year. This means nobody knows exactly how many will be built. I am going to take a guess and say this model will go up in price after it is no longer available. As an ESP Platinum Dealer we ordered a bunch in December before the guitar was unveiled to the world during winter NAMM 2014 in Anaheim, CA. and we just can't keep them in-stock. If you are interested in this model we strongly urge you to get one on order ASAP.

    Players, collectors and Metallica fans alike will be scouring the earth to find one after they are gone. The Original Black Iron Cross is a few years out of production now and typically fetches a price between 7-10K when and if you can even find one.

    The upper 3-way toggle switch is inactive and the guitar includes an ESP Original Hardshell Case and COA (Certificate of Authenticity).

    We have noticed a few small differences between the one played by James Hetfield in videos and the Custom Shop ones available to the public, 1st the one James plays has the old circle ESP Custom Shop Logo on the back of the headstock but this is because his was built before 2014. In 2014 ESP changed the logo of the ESP Custom Shop from the circle to the Gold World Globe looking one. 2nd difference is his has a different plate on the upper 3-way toggle switch.

    The ESP Iron Cross SW is also available as a LTD version made in Korea in both the Left and Right Handed Versions, priced at $1099

    Set-Neck Construction
    24.75" Scale
    Mahogany Body
    Maple Top
    Mahogany Neck
    Ebony Fingerboard w/ Mother of Pearl Flag Inlays and an Iron Cross at the 12th Fret
    22 XJ Frets
    305mm Fingerboard Radius
    42mm Bone Nut
    Black Hardware
    Schaller Security Lock Strap Buttons
    Sperzel Locking Tuners
    Tonepros Locking TOM Bridge & Tailpiece
    EMG JH Set Active Pickups
    Vol/Vol/Tone/Toggle Switch

    Click For More Information and Photos of the ESP Iron Cross

    Video of the Original Prototype Black Iron Cross.

  • ESP EC-256 Solid Body Electric Guitars

    ESP EC-256 Series Electric Guitars

    The ESP EC-256 Series solid body electric guitars are the perfect choice for beginners and more advanced players that may want to keep their case queen in the case. The tone and value in these guitars is huge with their ESP Set-Neck construction, familiar body and ESP quality. Compared to other brands you will be extremely hard pressed to find another guitar of this quality close to this price. Solid mahogany body and rosewood fingerboards, some feature a real flamed maple top, not a photo flame but an actual wood veneer. Other features of the ESP EC-256 are the tuners with a 16:1 Tuning Ratio and push pull coil tap for the passive humbuckers.

    In 2014 the EC-256 series is available in Metallic Gold, Black, Lemon Drop and Cherry Sunburst. The Lemon Drop is available as a Right Handed and Left Handed model. The EC-256 Series Guitars use a two way adjustable truss rod unlike a traditional truss rod the two way adjustable truss rod can be adjusted both clockwise and counter clockwise. Every new LTD includes the same ESP limited lifetime warranty.

    Features of the ESP LTD EC-256 Solid Body Electric Guitar include:

    Set-Neck Construction for better sustain
    24.75” Scale
    Mahogany Body
    Mahogany Neck
    Rosewood Fingerboard
    350mm Fingerboard Radius
    42mm Molded Nut
    Thin U Neck Contour
    22 XJ Frets
    Standard Strap Buttons
    LTD 16:1 Tuners
    TOM Bridge & Tailpiece
    ESP Designed LH-150 (B & N) Passive Pickups
    Vol/Vol/Tone(P/P)/Toggle Switch

    Items you may want to consider with this guitar are a case, extra string, picks, tuner...

    Click here for more information or to purchase.

    ESP EC-256 Solid Mahogany Body Electric Guitars ESP EC-256 Series Electric Guitars
  • Ogre Guitar Effects Pedals

    Ogre Tubeholic and Kronmaster, Overdrive and Delay Guitar Effects Pedals Ogre Tubeholic and Kronmaster, Overdrive and Delay Guitar Effects Pedals

    The Ogre guitar effects pedals are now available in the USA.

    Ogre debuted their guitar effects pedals at Winter NAMM 2014 in Anaheim CA and to much amazement they not only look good but sound great! Ogre Pedals were Voted the #1 Pedal of 2014 by Premier Guitar Magazine. They are all hand made in South Korea with a very durable cast aluminum body. Some feature a sliding cockpit style door that opens to get to the controls so you will not step on your settings while in use and change them.

    They have 3 models out now the Tubeholic (Overdrive), Thunderclap (Distortion) and the Kronmaster (Delay) The 4th Fuzz Lion (Fuzz) will be shipping soon. With Ogre everything is top notch from the sound, design to the packaging.

    • All Ogre Pedals feature True Bypass
    • LED lights for eyes make them easy to find on a dark stage
    • Ogre uses high quality industry standard chips in each pedal
    • Hand Made in South Korea
    • Available in Gray, Red, Green or Yellow

    Priced at $219.99 each they will not break the bank. Check out a new Ogre Pedal today and get ready to be amazed.

    2014 NAMM # 1 Pedal Pick by Premier Guitar Magazine

    1. OGRE - While innovation and functionality are worthy product attributes, there’s a lot to be said for something that is just plain cool. Korea’s OGRE pedals deliver cool in spades, with die-cast chassis in the shape of disembodied robot and monster heads. Glowing eyes indicate effect status while controls are accessed via “flip-top” faceplates or by turning horns on the monster head. These aren’t just pedals-they’re functional works of art that sound as amazing as they look.

    Click here more Information.

    Video Demo by Dan Mumm

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