Why ESP?

We have all seen ESP guitars in the hands of our idols be it Kirk, James, Gus G. We see them on Headbangers ball, Metal Shop and elsewhere but why should I choose one for myself?

All ESP guitars have a limited lifetime warranty if purchased new from an authorized dealer like us. They are all inspected here in the N Hollywood USA location before they are shipped out to dealers. They undergo a vigorous 15 point inspection and undergo a complete set up.

The ESP guitars are extremely playable guitars. The action is set so low from the factory many are amazed it is a stock guitar that has not been messed with. ESP has a guitar to fit almost every budget. 

The fingerboards have a 350mm radius (flatter) so you get that action real low and can bend all night long.

16:1 and 18:1 Gear rations give you some precision tuning. 

Set-Thru Neck, it is a technique ESP uses to join the neck to the body. It is actually a set neck but the neck is shaved to look and feel like a Neck-Thru. You dont have that huge heel allowing you to get to the higher frets a lot easier.

Most ESP guitars use a standard 42mm nut making it easier to bar chords and comfortable in your hands. Other brands like Gibson/Fender use a 42.8 and some of the Les Pauls of the 1960's use a 41.275 to give you an idea.

Two-Way adjusting truss rod, most of the guitars are built with a two-way adjustable truss rod.  A lot of other brands use a single-adjusting truss rod and once you loosen the nut all the way you can not adjust it any more. This can leave you with a guitar that cannot be played.

Lets not forget to mention the parts like EMG and Seymour Duncan Pick Ups, GOTOH Magnum and Sperzel Locking Tuners, Tonepros, Floyd Rose... All the good stuff.